Notes and files from HaskellerZ meetups.
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HaskellerZ Meetup Group

Main HaskellerZ meetup page.

This repository mainly hosts the slides from past meetups. The README moreover serves as a drafting document for upcoming meetups.

In general, we'll have a HaskellerZ meetup every last thursday of January until October every year. Note that we welcome guests and will happily adjust our schedule if they would like to give a talk.

2016 meetups

  • 2016-07-22 - 2016-07-24: ZuriHac 2016

    • 2016-07-22: Bas van Dijk - Functional Programming at LumiGuide (keynote) (slides)
  • 2016-02-25: Viktor Winschel - Modelling Economic Game Theory With Haskell 'n String Diagrams (slides, video)

  • 2016-01-28: Simon Meier - A primer to commercial Haskell programming (slides, video)

2015 meetups

2014 meetups

  • 2014-01-30: Francesco Mazzoli - What's new in GHC 7.8

  • 2014-02-27: Francesco Mazzoli - An introduction to Agda

  • 2014-03-27: Mihaly Barasz - An introduction to the pipes library (slides, handout)

  • 2014-04-24: Gergely Risko - Hacking GHC made simple (slides, handout)

  • 2014-05-29: Ivan Jovanovic - Monad Transformers and the standard transformer libraries (operational/transformers/mtl) (operational, transformers, mtl, slides, handout)

  • 2014-06-06: ZuriHac 2014 with talks by Simon Marlow and Edward Kmett (paper)

  • 2014-07-31: possibly: Matthias Körner - High-performance computing in Haskell: the repa and accelerate libraries (slides)

  • 2014-08-28: Simon Meier - How to compile Haskell to JavaScript (screencast, blaze-react)

  • 2014-09-25: Bas van Dijk - An overview of concurrent programming in Haskell

  • 2015-10-30: Simon Meier - An introduction to the GHC Runtime System

The following libraries were mentioned in the January meetup as something that people would be interested in. Please feel free to volunteer to present one of them. Drawing using diagrams, and computing statistics.

2013 meetups

2013-01-24: Alexander Bernauer - Advanced API design (slides)

2013-03-21: Simon Meier - An Introduction to GHC's Haskell execution model (slides, handout)

2013-04-25: Gergely Risko - Cmdline libraries, intro to TemplateHaskell (slides, handout)

2013-05-30: Mihaly Barasz - Intro to the lens package.

2013-06-27: Thomas Schilling and Simon Meier - A hands-on introduction to stream fusion. (examples, papers: ICFP 2007 and ICFP 2013; more ICFP 2013 papers )

2013-07-25: Arvin Moezzi - Theorems for free.

2013-08-29: Zurich FP Afternoon (

  • Simon Marlow - Keynote for the Zurich FP Afternoon
  • Thomas Schilling - Lambdachine: a JIT compiler for Haskell
  • Gergely Risko - Ceh - power user environments to share (slides)

2013-08-30 - 2013-09-01: ZuriHac 2013 (Yay, register here)

2013-09-26: Maximilien Rzepka, Bas van Dijk: Clojure / Haskell : how to compute with probabilities.

2013-10-31: Simon Meier - A hands-on introduction to Hindley-Milner type inference