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Aceso is a Android HotFix by optimizing the AOSP's "InstantRun HotSwap" solution, it is used to fix online bugs without a new APK publish.




  • Support 4.x to 7.0 Android OS
  • Perfect compatibility
  • Taking effect immediately after download without reboot
  • Support fixing at method level
  • Support adding new classes


  • Current not support fixing static code block and constructors.
  • Functions that shrinked/inlined by proguard are NOT repariable.
  • Only the Method's body can be fixed.


1.Add below codes in the outest project's build.gradle file

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
         classpath 'com.mogujie.aceso:aceso-build:0.0.3'

2.Add below codes in the module's build.gradle

apply plugin: 'AcesoHost'

dependencies {
    compile 'com.mogujie.aceso:aceso-android-lib:0.0.1'

Add below codes once you need aceso for Debug version.

Aceso {
    instrumentDebug = true

3.Add below codes at the place after HotFix downloaded and Application's onAttachedBaseContext() or onCreate()

 new Aceso().installPatch(optDir, patchFile);

4.Pls. reserve the file folder "build/intermediates/aceso" under module directory at each HotFix publishment.

Generate Patch

1.An additional Fix project is needed(pls. refer to aceso-demo-fix)

2.Pls. add below codes in the outest prject's build.gradle:

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
         classpath 'com.mogujie.aceso:aceso-build:0.0.3'

3.Pls. add below codes in the module's build.gradle:

apply plugin: 'AcesoFix'

Aceso {
    // The HotFix is for method level once methodLevelFix set to true, i.e., only fix the designated method, the annotation @FixMtd should be added above the method to be fixed. Once set to false, the HotFix is for class level. 
    methodLevelFix = true
    // Below files are those aceso file folders whch mentioned in 4th step of Usage, pls. refer to the file usage in the wiki.
    instrumentJar =The path of instrument.jar which generated in host project’
    acesoMapping =The path of aceso-mapping.txt which generated in host project’

dependencies {
	// refer to the file usage in the wiki and aceso-demo-fix project
    provided files(‘The path of all-classes.jar which generated in host project’)

4.Pls copy the class to be fixed to Fix project, and reserve the package name, e.g., the class to be fixed named com.mogujie.aceso.demo.MainActivity, the MainActivity in fix project should reserve the package name as com.mogujie.aceso.demo.MainActivity.

5.Fix you bug in Fix project.

6.Pls. add @FixMtd above the method to be fixed once methodLevelFix is set.

7.Execute command gradle acesoRelease(or acesoDebug) to generate the patch package, the patch would be generated under directory build/outputs/apk

8.Deploy the patch to the target phones.


1.Compile and install aceso-demo, press the test button, the 'not fix' would be displayed

2.Execute command gradle acesoRelease(or acesoDebug) in project 'aceso-demo-fix'

3.Use adb push command to push the apk generated to path '/sdcard/fix.apk'

4.Press fix button on the phone

5.Press test button, the 'has been fixed' would be displayed!



Aceso is under the Apache 2.0 license.