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** RELEASE 0.5.7 (Mar 10, 2013)
* Ruby 2.0 compatibility [jhawthorn]
** RELEASE 0.5.6 (Sep 23, 2012)
* Fix handling of stray object associations [jhawthorn]
* Improve test infrastructure [jhawthorn]
* Allow decl_auth to be used without ActiveRecord [bterkuile]
* Rule reloading in development based on changes [urkle/sb]
** RELEASE 0.5.5 (Jan 10, 2012)
* Update of handling of association proxies for Rails 3.2
** RELEASE 0.5.4 (Nov 30, 2011)
* Cumulative loading of authorization rules [Damian Curso/sb]
* Improved used_privileges rake task [urkle]
* Performance improvements [John Hawthorn]
** RELEASE 0.5.3 (May 25, 2011)
* Bugfixes and documentation cleanup
* Rails 3.1.rc1 compatibility [sb]
* Added has_any_role?, has_any_role_with_hierarchy? [t.pickett66]
* Allow changing the default role [dbloete]
** RELEASE 0.5.2 (Dec 31, 2010) **
* Bugfixes and documentation updates
** RELEASE 0.5.1 (Sep 12, 2010) **
** RELEASE 0.5 (July 21, 2010) **
* Ruby 1.9.2 compatibility [sb]
* Comparisons in authorization roles: lt, lte, gt, gte [aepstein,hollownest]
* DSL optimization: allow array being passed to to
* Omnipotent roles [timcharper]
* Meaningful error in case of missing authorization rules file [timcharper]
* Rails 3 support [sb]
* Support shallow nested resources [jjb]
* Allow multiple authorization rules files [kaichen]
** RELEASE 0.4 (November 15, 2009) **
* Implemented controller namespace handling [sb]
* Improved if_attribute to allow nesting of has_many associations [sb]
* Improved if_permitted_to: allow has_many associations and improved context inference [sb]
* Added option on handling non-existant auto-loaded object [sb]
* Added with_user as module method [sb]
* Change support i18n [sb]
** RELEASE (October 12, 2009) **
* Switched to gemcutter [sb]
* Fixed has_role? for guest user. Closes #8 [sb]
* Fixed unnecessary DB query with named scopes [sb, ledermann]
* Change support: suggestions: grouping, sorting by affected users [sb]
* Fixed context inference from AR objects for STI by switching to [sb]
* Allow multiple contexts as arguments to has_permission_on [Jeroen van Dijk]
** RELEASE (August 27, 2009) **
* Fix without_access_control test cases [sb]
* Fixed error on debug logging (Closes #6) [sb]
* Fixed without_access_control instance method in TestHelper [sb]
** RELEASE (August 14, 2009) **
* Fix gemspec for Rdoc generation [sb]
** RELEASE 0.3.2 (August 13, 2009) **
* Fix for model-level permitted_to?/! [sb]
** RELEASE 0.3.1 (August 12, 2009) **
* Change Support: Suggestion grouping, sort by affected users [sb]
* Changed context derived from objects to to fix STI [sb]
* Simplified controller authorization with filter_resource_access [sb]
* Allow passing explicit context in addition to object in permitted_to? [Olly Lylo, sb]
* Change Supporter: suggest changes to authorization rules [sb]
* Added permitted_to!/? in model [Eike Carls]
* New test helper: should_(not_)_be_allowed_to(privilege, object_or_context) [sb]
** RELEASE 0.3 (April 20, 2009) **
* New option :join_by for has_permission_on to allow AND'ing of statements in one has_permission_on block [sb]
* Allow using_access_control to be called directly on ActiveRecord::Base, globally enabling model security [sb]
* New operator: intersects_with, comparing two Enumerables in if_attribute [sb]
* Improved if_permitted_to syntax: if the attribute is left out, permissions are checked on for the current object [sb]
* Added #has_role_with_hierarchy? method to retrieve explicit and calculated roles [jeremyf]
* Added a simple rules analyzer to help improve authorization rules [sb]
* Gemified plugin. Needed to restructure the lib path contents [sb]
* Added handling of Authorization::AuthorizationInController::ClassMethods.filter_access_to parameters that are of the form [:show, :update] instead of just :show, :update. [jeremyf]
* Added authorization usage helper for checking filter_access_to usage in controllers [sb]
* Added a authorization rules browser. See README for more information [sb]
* Added Model.using_access_control? to check if a model has model security activated [sb]
* Changed Authorization::ObligationScope#map_table_alias_for [Brian Langenfeld]
* Fixed to prevent bad aliases from being produced.
* Changed Authorization::Attribute#validate? [Brian Langenfeld]
* Encountering a nil value when evaluating an attribute now raises a NilAttributeValueError, instead of an AuthorizationError. We leave it to the caller to decide what to do about it.
* Changed Authorization::Engine#permit! [Brian Langenfeld]
* We now convert incoming privileges to symbols (e.g. 'read' is made equivalent to :read). This ensures the privileges will match those defined in the authorization rules file.
* The method now properly infers context when checking against an association (e.g. user.posts). We do this by leveraging ActiveRecord builder method 'new' to instantiate a proper object we can work with.
* When testing rules for positive results (via Authorization::Attribute#validate?), we now rescue NilAttributeValueError exceptions, simply causing the rule to return a negative result (instead of barfing).
* Changed Authorization::ObligationScope#rebuild_join_options! [Brian Langenfeld]
* If we're dealing with multiple obligations we have to check (i.e. ones that result in OR'd conditions), we now use :include instead of :joins for our generated scope. This does seem like a kludge, but until ActiveRecord scopes support unions (for checking obligations individually and consolidating the results), we don't have much choice. Something to revisit later, for sure.
** RELEASE 0.2 (February 2, 2009) **
* added negative operators: is_not, not_in, does_not_contain [sb]
* changed user.roles to user.role_symbols to reduce interferance with associations [sb]
* Ruby 1.9 and Rails 2.3 compatibility [sb]
* if_permitted_to for has_permission_on blocks for DRYer auth rules [sb]
* ObligationScope rewrite of query rewriting [Brian Langenfeld]
* changed exception hierarchy to begin at StandardError [sb]
* :is_in operator [sb]
* added has_role? helper [sb]
* made plugin thread-safe [sb]
* added maintenance and test helpers [sb]
* changed default permission denied response to 403 Forbidden [sb]
* descriptions for titles and roles [sb]
* fixed for PostgreSQL [Mark Mansour]
* improved DSL syntax: allow for array of contexts in has_permission_on [sb]
** RELEASE 0.1 (August 22, 2008) **
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