Library to set any arduino as a USB mouse
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Library to set any arduino as a USB mouse.

Move mouse pointer by calling method: UsbMouse.move(x,y,z) where z indicates the wheel.

Set buttons (left,right,middle) by calling method: UsbMouse.set_buttons(l,r,m).


Copy directory under your arduino libraries directory.


In arduino, go to examples -> UsbMouse -> UsbMouseDemo1


  • two resistors of 2.2KOhm
  • one resistor of 68 Ohm
  • one zener diode: 3.6V, 0.5W Zener Diodes (1N5227) or 0.25W


Connect D- to Pin 4 through 68 Ohm resistor.

Connect D- to Pin 5 through 2.2KOhm resistor.

Connect D+ to Pin 2 through 68 Ohm resistor.

View virtual-usb-keyboard-schematic.jpg