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Exercise 3 - Adaptive Behaviour


The setting is very similar to the one from the last exercise. There are mortal consumers with a daily death probability of 1% that work and consume in a setting in which the central bank owns all the firms but forwards the dividends to the consumers in proportion to how much money they have.


Find an adaptive method that allows the DiscountingConsumer to endogenously find the optimal amount of money to keep as a reserve, as defined by the capitalBuffer variable (in the previous exercise, this was a constant). When running the Configuration, it tells you how close your agents ended up being to the approximately optimal buffer size. Also have a look at the interest statistic when running the local server. You will find that it is not easy to find an algorithm that leads to a stable simulation (maybe not at all). This is often the case in chaotic, interdependent systems.


The deadline for submitting your agents and the lab journal to github is 2019-10-24 at 24:00.