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Welcome to the Better Angels wiki!

This is where the Better Angels draft documents, share knowledge, and work on expanding the reach and effectiveness of Better Angels project goals.

You are welcome to contribute by editing any of these pages to make changes ranging from fixing typos to proposing new projects.

Who are the Better Angels?

The Better Angels are a team of core contributors mostly based in several of the United States and spanning numerous issue areas ranging from alternative mental health/medical response, to domestic violence survivor support, to police and prison abolitionists. Although we don’t all share the exact same politics, we’ve come together as one group because we all agree that more has to be done to support communities of people whom the current system fails, regardless of whether that failure is deliberate or not. In the spirit of software development as direct action, we set out to design and implement free software that has the maximum social impact with the minimum lines of code, as quickly as possible.

Learn more about how we work, a process we call Direct Action Software Development, by watching this short video:

Watch a brief introduction to the concept of Direct Action Software Development

Learn more about the Better Angels.

Better Angels Projects


Buoy is a community-driven emergency dispatch and response technology. It is designed to connect people in crisis with trusted friends, family, and other nearby allies who can help. We believe that in situations where traditional emergency services are not available, reliable, trustworthy, or sufficient, communities can come together to aid each other in times of need.

Learn more about Buoy

Hogwarts for Hackers

Hogwarts for Hackers is the name for several series of free, live video training sessions and skills sharing workshops. The sessions are loosely organized under a few different "tracks" and events are publicized over social media. Event participants visit a well-known address to get information about the specific for the session, which is usually a Jitsi Meet video conference.

Learn more about Hogwarts for Hackers


Lighthouse will be an automatically-updated central directory of Buoy-enabled websites that offers new users a quick way to find a Buoy community site they can join.

Lighthouse is currently a Project Proposal.


Lifeboat will be a Buoy user account manager and multiplexer that makes it easy for a single user to maintain multiple Buoy user accounts across many different Buoy-enabled websites at once, from their Android or iOS device.

Lifeboat is currently a Project Proposal.


About this wiki website

These pages describe the Better Angels project vision and the tools built for realizing that vision. This content is drafted by people who care and hosted by GitHub. You can propose changes to these pages by creating a GitHub user account (if you don't already have one) and clicking the "Edit" button on a page you wish to edit.

Public Domain Dedication

All non-code contributions to any and all parts of the Better Angels project are hereby released to the public domain, no rights reserved. All contributions of software code are licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

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