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Fix event microformats to work properly in Chrome and Firefox #2

merged 20 commits into from

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The microformats weren't working properly with either the Chrome or Firefox parsers, so I fixed them. I also added some Jasmine specs and refactored the code a bit. More improvements coming!

(This supersedes pull request #1.)

@meitar meitar merged commit f906a23 into from

Thank you very much for improving this. :) I no longer use FetLife for the reasons described here so I apologize that it took me so long to circle back to this pull request.

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Commits on Apr 11, 2013
  1. @marnen

    Add Jasmine.

    marnen authored
  2. @marnen
  3. @marnen

    Merge branch 'jasmine'

    marnen authored
  4. @marnen

    Install jasmine-jquery.

    marnen authored
  5. @marnen
  6. @marnen

    Remove unused variable.

    marnen authored
  7. @marnen
  8. @marnen

    Fix date and time handling.

    marnen authored
  9. @marnen

    Change from <time> to <abbr> element. It's less semantically appropri…

    marnen authored
    …ate, but seems to be understood by more parsers. Grr.
  10. @marnen
  11. @marnen

    Move vevent class off body since some microformat parsers won't respo…

    marnen authored
    …nd to it there. Anyway, classes on the body are a bad idea.
  12. @marnen

    Remove dead code.

    marnen authored
  13. @marnen

    Extract function.

    marnen authored
  14. @marnen

    Extract function.

    marnen authored
  15. @marnen

    Extract another function.

    marnen authored
  16. @marnen

    Remove duplication.

    marnen authored
  17. @marnen

    Add myself as author.

    marnen authored
  18. @marnen
Commits on Apr 12, 2013
  1. @marnen

    Remove function wrapper. Apparently Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey already…

    marnen authored
    … do this.
    This reverts commit 59ce2d2.
  2. @marnen

    Add var keyword!

    marnen authored
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