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We've gotten lots of requests from people who want to help with PAT-Facebook but aren't sure how. Even if you don't code, there are so many things you can do to support and improve the tool and help prevent sexual violence in your communities. Here are a few:

  • The most important thing you can do is install and use the app. Like Facebook itself, the more people who are using PAT-Facebook, the better it works.

    • Part of that means taking the conversation offline and into your communities. If you notice new statements shared with you, connect with people in supportive ways online and offline. Talk to your friends, and make yourself available to survivors by listening and believing them.
    • We're coordinating a volunteer outreach effort to contact survivor support organizations and influential individuals letting them know this tool exists. You can help by taking the initiative to contact some of these groups yourself.
  • If you do code, you can help us fix bugs and implement new features. Check out the current issues list on Github. We're particularly stuck on this tricky bug that appears to log users out in the middle of their session.

  • If you don't code but you enjoy playing with software, you can help us test! Do that by leaving a comment on this public Facebook thread. (Once the app is launched, there will be a different sandboxed app for testing.)

  • If you write, you can help write and edit documentation or you can review PAT-Facebook on your blog. Both positive and critical reviews are great. Anything that helps us get the word out!

  • If you do graphic design or web design, or you're learning those things and want a project to practice on, we'd love to have some logos and a website for the Predator Alert Tool. Don't worry about waiting on design requests from us. If you feel inspired to make something, just go for it!

  • If you only have a minute, you can post about the PAT-Facebook on your own Facebook wall, Tweet about it, reblog us on Tumblr, or mention the tool in person to a friend.

  • Last but not least, you can support continued improvements to PAT-Facebook by materially supporting its primary developer, maymay. They do all of this for free and they work (and live) on a donations-only basis. Consider dropping a coin their digital hat or offering them a night on your physical couch.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed code, writing, interface design, testing, or conceptual feedback to the development of PAT-Facebook so far.

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