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Organise your photos.
- - flexable images organiser based on EXIF details.
- [python] -r -v
+albumiser [-h] [--version] [-v | -q] [-r] [--rotate] [--dry-link] [-s]
+ [-m] [--delete-duplicates] [-d DEPTH] [-g LOG]
+ [--ignore-no-exif]
+ source target
- A flexiable python script that can operate on a tree of images and copy or
- move the files into directories based on the image EXIF details. It can detect
- duplicates using either MD5 or SHA of either the entire image file just the
- thumbnail. It has the ability to build or fix EXIF details from images that
- has wrong EXIF details, such as it can correct picture taken date on images.
+Organise your photos the way they should be
- The script can build a symlink of date based hierarchical directories. So you
- can have your images sorted in date based folders, a photo file that was taken
- at YYYY/MM/DD will end up in a folder of YYYY/MM/DD (posix) YYYY\MM\DD (win)
+positional arguments:
+ source
+ target
- --version show program's version number and exit
+optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
- -v, --verbose make lots of noise [default]
- -q, --quiet unless errors don't output anything
- -r, --recursive operate recursively [default]
- -s, --symlink follow symbolic linked directories
- -m, --move delete original file from SOURCE
- -d DEPTH, --depth=DEPTH
- unlimited [default: 0]
- -g LOG, --log=LOG log all actions [default: sys.stderr]
- -i, --ignore ignore photos with missing EXIF header [default]
- -p NOEXIFPATH, --process-no-exif=NOEXIFPATH
- copy/moves images with no EXIF data to [default:
- undated]
+ --version show program's version number and exit
+ -v, --verbose make loads of noise, useful for debugging!
+ -q, --quiet unless errors don't output anything.
+ -r, --recursive operate recursively.
+ --rotate rotate images according to their EXIF rotation tag.
+ --dry-link creates a tree of symbolic links under destination
+ with date time hierarchy preserving the original
+ images states.
+ -s, --follow_links follow symbolic linked directories.
+ -m, --move delete original file from SOURCE, by default it makes
+ a copy of the file.
+ --delete-duplicates delete duplicate files from SOURCE, by default it
+ ignores them and keep them intact.
+ -d DEPTH, --depth DEPTH
+ default is unlimited.
+ -g LOG, --log LOG log all actions, default is console.
+ --ignore-no-exif ignore photos with missing EXIF date, otherwise use
+ UNIX epoch.
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