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albumise images based on dates into folders
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Organise your photos.

NAME - flexable images organiser based on EXIF details.

    [python] [OPTION]... [SOURCE] [DESTINATION]

    [python] -r -v

    A flexiable python script that can operate on a tree of images and copy or
    move the files into directories based on the image EXIF details. It can detect
    duplicates using either MD5 or SHA, it can based the duplication on the entire
    image or just the thumbnails. It has the ability to build or fix EXIF details
    from images that has wrong EXIF details, such as it can correct picture taken
    date on images.

    The script can build a symlink of date based hierarchical directories. So you 
    can have your images sorted in date based folders, a photo file that was taken 
    at YYYY/MM/DD will end up in a folder of YYYY/MM/DD (posix) YYYY\MM\DD (win)

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         make lots of noise [default]
  -q, --quiet           unless errors don't output anything
  -r, --recursive       operate recursively [default]
  -s, --symlink         follow symbolic linked directories
  -m, --move            delete original file from SOURCE
  -d DEPTH, --depth=DEPTH
                        unlimited [default: 0]
  -g LOG, --log=LOG     log all actions [default: sys.stderr]
  -i, --ignore          ignore photos with missing EXIF header [default]
  -p NOEXIFPATH, --process-no-exif=NOEXIFPATH
                        copy/moves images with no EXIF data to [default:
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