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Deprecation Warning

Please take a look at KeyRemap4MacBook. Its primary feature is key remapping; merging modifiers from different keyboards comes as a side effect.

My Multiple Keyboards


Do you have more than one keyboard attached to your Mac? Are you crazy enough to use both simultaneously? Or maybe you just own an assistive device (say a foot pedal) that pretends to be another keyboard. Anyway there is one gotcha — on Mac each keyboard respects its own modifier keys and ignores modifiers pressed on other keyboards. This little utility solves the issue in a user-friendly way.

Specifically System Preferences are extended with ‘My Multiple Keyboards’ custom preference pane enabling to customize the processing of modifier keys. It is just that simple — run the installer; change the settings the way you like it. Settings are per-user and modifier keys customization is turned off by default.


Running will produce the installer package (MyMultipleKeyboars.pkg). This obviously requires XCode.

This work is actually the complete rewrite of the very similar alterkeys utility by Chance Miller. Mine has fewer bugs in it.


A tool for Mac OS X enabling modifier keys to work ‘across’ keyboards if you have more than one






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