A comprehensive graph of mathematical domains and topics
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Towards a comprehensive graph of mathematical domains and topics.

Math.mx (mathematics) is a zoomable d3 treegraph of hierarchical mathematical topics (a navigatable taxonomy of math). It's goal is to give one a holistic mechanism for exploring all of math, to learn what they don't know, to discover and see how fields are related, and to contribute/associate resources to help others better undestand each topic.

Running JS-Only

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 index.html



  • Wiki Data Support: Resolve every math topic to a wikidata ID
  • Entity Resolve w/ Wikipedia: Extend the math.mx DAG (which is from the AMS MSC2010 taxonomy -- query it here) with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Fields_of_mathematics (iterate over wikipedia math categories)
  • Allow Users to Edit: CRUD (create, read, update, delete) (i.e. back with a database, like s3)
    • Allow each box/cell to be annotated with users' resources (academic papers, videos)
    • Allow users to add children or neighbors to a specific cell
  • Improve Granularity: Make root nodes in the graph not be "domains", but be so granular they resolve to specific formula.
  • Curricula Generation: From any given box/cell, allow the user to click a link which generates a (shortest path, ordered) list of dependencies (walks the graph) to learn/understand the selected formula or topic
  • User accounts:
    • Visualize your comprehension: imagine if each cell in math.mx was colored with a shade of red showing users w/ accounts how well they comprehend a cell (and all its dependencies).

Links as reference

Related Projects

Insofar as interesting data sets go, you may also be interested in https://michaelkarpeles.com/curations/the-foundation (which I hope becomes like the future math.mx described above)

Personal Note

The objective of this repository is to outline a comprehensive graph (currently a tree) of mathematics and mathematical subtopics, to keep track of which domains or principles I have converage (understanding), and to attach/associate resources with, in order to evaluate and effectively improve my holistic understanding.