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Silk Help Generator

The Silk Help Generator is a help parser, similar to JavaDoc, for generating documentation on 4Test functions and methods.
The Silk Help Generator was written by David Genrich using the 4Test launguage.

It`s improved and adapted version for AutoTest department ISD company.
General purpose: Simple overview of existing code, making searchable html-presentation and printable documentation.

Feature List

* All types of code coverage with navigation possibility.
* Generates web-based API documentation
* Dynamic search (JavaScript/AJAX).
* Hierarchic tree-view showing internal structure.
* Various types of statistics (authors, methods, functions, etc.).
* Code view possibility with dynamic navigation elements.
* Can work with trunk and variant
* Generates code for the Segue Library Browser
* Can work with a single or multiple projects
* Validates the help syntax based on the rules required for the Segue Library Browser


There are two installation requirements:

  • The first is to set a Run Time Compiler constant ‘SilkDir’ which points to the root of your automation code.
  • The second is to set a new location for the Library Browser file.

Help Syntax

Add comment before method or function

//Method: INTEGER MethodName (STRING f_sParam, INTEGER f_iParam)
  // Description: Create required amount of visits in Soft AR through SQL queries. 
  // Group: group name
  // Class: class name
  // Author: author name
  // Arguments:
  //    f_sParam    :   desription of f_sParam
  //    f_iParam    :   desription of f_iParam
  // Note:
  //    some notes
  // Example:
  //    some example
  // Return:
  //    value   :   description
  // Generated exceptions:
  //    some exceptions

You can use: //Function: INTEGER Function () for functions

Running the Silk Help Generator

# Open the Silk Help Generator testcase: {SilkDir}\silk_help_generator\SilkHelp.t

  1. Select Run | Run to start the generator

Used Languages / Technologies:

* SilkTest

  • JavaScript
  • AJAX


Sorry for so dirty code. I was writting it on the fly, so it isn’t very clean. Plus, I kept adding requirements and features as I was writing it.