Mac shellscript for converting OTF to TTF, EOT, SVG and WOFF.
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Don’t use webfontmaker. Glyphs 2 can write webfonts out of the box. I will leave this up here for reference, but it is not supported anymore. The installation instructions are outdated. If you cannot get it to work, please download Glyphs 2 or use FontSquirrel.

ABOUT takes any number of PS-flavored OTF files and creates corresponding TTF (unhinted and autohinted), EOT (unhinted and autohinted), (PS-flavored) WOFF and SVG. Running the script again will overwrite all previous output.


1. Install FontForge and ttfautohint:

- Install Xcode from the App Store.
- Run Xcode and confirm the additional installs it needs.
- Xcode > Preferences > Downloads > install 'Command Line Tools'. 
- Install the latest version of XQuartz from
- If the XQuartz installer seems stalled at "Preparing installation", force quit the installer, restart your Mac, and try again.
- Install Homebrew in Terminal:
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSkL"
brew install
brew install ttfautohint
brew doctor
brew linkapps

2. Install sfntly:

svn co /Applications/sfntly/
cd /Applications/sfntly/java/

3. Install sfnt2woff:

- Download sfnt2woff ('spline font to WOFF') for OS X from (hint: opt-click the 'precompiled version for Mac OS X').
- Move sfnt2woff into the Applications folder.
- In the Terminal, you enter:
chmod +x /Applications/sfnt2woff
mkdir /usr/local/bin/
sudo ln -s /Applications/sfnt2woff /usr/local/bin/


- Create your own Meta.xml or use the one provided in this repository. More Info:
- Put Meta.xml, and any number of OTF files in the same folder.
- In Terminal, navigate into that folder, then type:
- or use a version number as parameter:
sh 2.302
- If no version number is present, the script assumes 1.001.