Resources to build Docker images for Bahmni
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Dockerfile and resources to create Docker images for Bahmni

Building a new image

This repository comes with a set of preset profiles to create a new Bahmni Docker image for the most common components used. See the ./inventories folder for a list of all inventory files available. If the existing inventory files don't suit to your need, you can manually create a new one and start the image based on it.

Run the Docker build to build the new image

To build the Bahmni Docker image, just run the following instructions :

git clone
cd bahmni-docker/
docker build --build-arg INVENTORY_FILE=[file_name] ./ -t mekomsolutions/bahmni:[file_name]_[commit_id]


  • [file_name] is the name of the inventory file from inventories/ folder
  • [commit_id] is the 7 first digits of your current commit.

Push the newly built image, if needed

To push the newly built Docker image:

docker push mekomsolutions/bahmni:[inventory_profile]_[commit_id]

Note that you would need to have logged in using docker login first