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OpenMRS Initializer module


The Initializer module is an API-only module that processes the content of the configuration folder when it is found inside OpenMRS' application data directory:

├── modules/
├── openmrs.war
├── ...
└── configuration/

The configuration folder is subdivided into domain subfolders:

  ├── addresshierarchy/
  ├── concepts/
  ├── drugs/
  ├── globalproperties/
  ├── idgen/
  ├── jsonkeyvalues/
  ├── locations/
  ├── messageproperties/
  ├── metadatasharing/ 
  └── personattributetypes/

Each domain-specific subfolder contains the metadata and configuration information that is relevant to the subfolder's domain. Although several file types are supported for providing metadata, CSV files are the preferred format and all domain should aim at being covered through parsing CSV files.


  • This module allows to preload an OpenMRS installation with maintained and versioned data and metadata.
  • Initializer processes CSV files upon startup.
  • Each line of those CSV files represents an OpenMRS object to be created or edited.

Even though using CSV files is the preferred approach, some data or metadata domains rely on other file formats to be imported. You will encounter those other formats in the list below.

Supported domains and loading order

We suggest to go through the following before looking at specific import domains:

This is the list of currently supported domains in respect to their loading order:

  1. Message properties key-values (.properties files)
  2. Generic JSON key-values (JSON files)
  3. Metadatasharing packages (ZIP files)
  4. Global properties (XML files)
  5. Locations (CSV files)
  6. Concepts (CSV files)
  7. Person attribute types (CSV files)
  8. Identifier sources (CSV files)
  9. Drugs (CSV files)
  10. Order Frequencies(CSV files)

How to try it out?

Build the master branch and install the built OMOD to your OpenMRS instance:

git clone
cd openmrs-module-initializer
mvn clean install
Runtime requirements & compatibility
  • Core 1.11.9

Quick facts

Initializer enables to achieve the OpenMRS backend equivalent of Bahmni Config for Bahmni Apps. It facilitates the deployment of implementation-specific configurations without writing any code, by just filling the configuration folder with the needed metadata and in accordance to Initializer's available implementations.

Get in touch

Find us on OpenMRS Talk: sign up, start a conversation and ping us with the mentions starting with @mks.. in your message.

Releases notes

Version 1.1.0

  • Bulk creation and edition of drugs provided through CSV files in configuration/locations.

Version 1.0.1

  • Loads i18n messages files from configuration/addresshierarchy and configuration/messageproperties.
  • Bulk creation and edition of concepts provided through CSV files in configuration/concepts.
    This covers: basic concepts, concepts with nested members or answers and concepts with multiple mappings.
  • Bulk creation and edition of drugs provided through CSV files in configuration/drugs.
  • Overrides global properties provided through XML configuration files in configuration/globalproperties.
  • Modifies (retire) or create identifier sources through CSV files in configuration/idgen.
  • Exposes runtime key-values configuration parameters through JSON files in configuration/jsonkeyvalues.
  • Bulk creation and edition of person attribute types provided through CSV files in configuration/personattributetypes.
  • Imports MDS packages provided as .zip files in configuration/metadatasharing.
  • Bulk creation and edition of order frequencies provided through CSV files in configuration/orderfrequencies.