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Browser Extension which parses Twitch emote phrases on the web
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Global Twitch Emotes banner

A browser extension which replaces emote phrases found on any website with their actual emoticons.

Currently supports Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Edge support is planned, Safari support is not.

License: MPL 2.0

Extension Website

FAQ Section


Global Twitch Emotes is built using Node.js. Download and install the latest version of Node.js here.

  1. Navigate to the parent directory.

  2. Run npm install

  3. Then run

    npm run-script build VERSION BROWSER

    VERSION: Extension version to build.

    test | release

    Release builds are minified, stripped of all console calls, and zipped into a .zip file for distribution, whilst test builds are not minified, to allow for easier debugging.

    BROWSER: The browser type you want to build for.

    webkit | firefox | edge

    Parameter Applicable Browser(s)
    webkit Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc.)
    firefox Firefox
    edge Edge

    The script will build for all browser types if the browser parameter is not specified.


Built extensions can be found in the newly-generated build directory. You can side-load the unpacked extension in order to run it in your browser. Please refer to your browser's extension installation guide for details.


In the parent directory, run npm run-script test to run all test files found in the test directory.


For inquiries, please either contact me or open an issue.

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