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As part of an accessibility grant I worked with Four Letter Word Theatre to create a custom captioning tool for their new play The Days In Between. My intention is to create an open source tool that will allow smaller theatre companies to provide captioning for their live performances and integrate these captions with both the visuals and stage design.

The Days In Between The Days In Between The Days In Between

The current system includes:

  • Captions from a JSON file which you can keyboard ← right and → left through
  • Numbers used to change scenes
  • Keyboard ↑ up and ↓ down to hide and show captioning to allow for breaks in dialogue
  • Automatic hiding of character names if dialgoue for one character is more than one line.
  • Triggers in JSON file to hide/show video and html canvas
  • Styles via CSS classes to change the appearance of captions in differing scenes if necessary
  • Support for emojis ;)

Eventually, I will open this project up to create a tool for theatre companies without a developer handy!