👇This lil' microfiction generator tells randomly-generated stories about Academia, Hollywood, or the NBA
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Lil Microfiction Generator 📚🏀

This lil' microfiction generator was built with React and uses words from dariusk's "corpora" repository. Every time you click the big purple button, it tells a randomly-generated story about Academia 📚, Hollywood ⭐, or the NBA 🏀 that features different animals, interjections, celebrities, athletes, and--most importantly--tasty food items 🥑🦐🍟, drawn from the 1000 most frequently appearing menu items from the New York Public Library's "What's on the menu?" project (1850s-present). Every story concludes with either a quotation from a famous movie/book, from William Shakespeare, or from Oprah Winfrey.

With this microficton generator, you--yes, you, gentle user!--can simultaneously read and write thousands of new stories that have never been read or told before. Happy story-telling!