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The calculator takes as input game ids for a round and shows the scores for each game and a total. The organizers use the total to decide who qualifies for the next round. To get the game ids, go to quake live website and navigate to the profile of one of the players. Clicking on his past games will show you the game id in the URL.


Following the success of the recent FFA tournament and to encourage people to run more tournaments and in different rulesets, like instagib and pql-vampiric with all weapons and armor (like vamp ca), I release this small group score calculator.

FFA1 ruleset:
As seen on tourney organized by stitchyourass, muckyman, dsharp3. Winner gets 1600 points, everyone below gets 100 points less. People with equal frags get the same amount of points and it's up to the organizers to decide what to do. Players that lagged out/quit don't get any points, it's up to organizers to decide what to do.

FFA2 ruleset:
Winner gets 1600 points, people below get 100 points less. Ties are broken on game score, then frags, then damage done, then deaths. Quitters score as everyone else.

How to install?
Download python 3.2 or later and then run No other dependencies.

Why not compile an executable?
Independently released software often gets flagged by web filters and anti virus software that people are using. I think this is pure abuse and blackmail. Posting the code like this avoids those problems and also nothing special has to be done for say linux.

Why not a website?
I wanted to separate the availablity of the tool from the availability of my website, especially during a tourney. This way the tourney depends only on the quake live infrastructure, organizers and players.

also seen on esr -


quake live ffa group score calculator



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