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SXSW Microculture Game

MIT Media Lab, Parsons School for Design Spring, 2015

Microculture Game

MicroCulture is a card-based event game that embodies the behavior of our human microbiome. It is also an icebreaker game that relies on a simple form of social interaction. The idea is to create correlations between the needs of the culture and the actual personal preferences and cultural backgrounds of the players. The goal is to be a part of the largest culture of human microbes at the end of the event. The more bacteria there is in a culture, the more diverse that culture is.

MIT Media Lab Lounge events

Project Website

Microculture is a collaboration between Parsons School of Design and the MIT Media Lab: David Kong, Colleen Macklin, Roula Gholmieh, Jane Mcdonough and myself. It was launched at the SXSW 2015 conference as part of the MIT Media Lab Lounge events.

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