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calour is a cal command alternative, which displays a colored, holiday plot calendar with block or line styled. Holiday data retrieve from Google Calendar Data API.


calour [-3lmnty] [-c [country_code]] [–color color_set] [[month] year]


The options are as follows:

-3         3 months block mode

-l         line mode

-b         block mode (default)

-m         monday first

-s         sunday first (default)

-n         no color mode

-k         color mode (default)

-c country_code
           holidays mark on/off. without country code, let it off.
           acceptable code: ja us au ja_ja cn fr de it kr tw gb

-t         append holiday titles

-f         no holiday titles (default)

-y         this year

-h         display this help

-v         display version


Colors can be changed with –color COLOR_SET option. COLOR_SET is constructed as combination of target-color-pairs.


  --color year:magenta,today:on_green,holiday:red

  --color mon:yel,hol:blu,nei:bla

  --color 'sat:blue sun:red tod:blink'

  --color 'today:blue-on_yellow-blink'

Like examples, each pairs are joined with ','(comma), target and color are joined with ':'(colon). each target accepts multi-color in which colors are joined with '-'(see 4th example). names of targets and colors can be reduced.

Target names are as follows:

year:       year label color (default: yellow)

month:      month label color (default: green)

today:      today date color (default: green, underline)

saturday:   saturday dates color (default: cyan)

sunday:     sunday dates color (default: magenta)

holiday:    holiday dates color (default: red)

neightbor:  neighbor months dates color (default: nil)

footer:     holiday date and title colors at footer (default: green, yellow)

Color names are as follows:

black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white,
on_black, on_red, on_green, on_yellow, on_blue, on_magenta,
on_cyan, on_white, bold, underline, blink


Copyright © 2010 Kyo Endo <> released under the MIT license.