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Registering TotalFinder
Registering TotalFinder

Thanks for considering buying TotalFinder

This should be really straight-forward. It should take less than 5 minutes in most cases.

Buy a license from the web store

Please notice that there is no point in ordering 2 licenses, because they cost the same price as 3 licenses. Yes, I offer such aggressive multi-licensing :-)

Wait for an email with "TotalFinder License" in the subject

In most cases you should get it instantly after the payment.

We all know that even important emails can sometimes end up in a spam folder. Please double check your spam before you report a missing email. I'm using FastSpring which is rock-solid, so a mistake from our mail robots is unlikely.

In my gmail the message looks like this:

Enter your license into TotalFinder's Registration Dialog

You may click on that ugly red window badge:

Or you may go through Preferences / About / Register button:

Open the Registration Dialog and please make sure you copy and paste license information from the email exactly and without surrounding whitespace:

Click Register and you get this happy screen if you did it right:

Thank you and enjoy using TotalFinder! And please let me know if you encounter any troubles completing your registration.

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