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Meld Forums is a forums plugin for Mura CMS. It is distributed under the Open Source GPL 2.0 license.

MF is a fully-featured forum that includes locale support, its own set of events for extending, and the ability to skin the forum. 

Features include:

* Unlimited Forums
* Integration with Mura permissions
* Avatars and attachments
* Deep permission/configuration settings which can be applied to all or individual forums
* New Bootstrap back end
* Secure BBML editor for content

Current development version is 2.5 (in the Bootstrap Branch). The Bootstrap branch is the current development version, and as the name suggests
this is to bring it into line with the latest Mura CMS migration to the Bootstrap framework. ColdSpring has been replaced by DI/1 (as per Mura CMS
6.1), though this will work fine in earlier versions of Mura CMS as well.

You can find documentation on the GitHub Wiki page: