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Melexis Checkstyle customised configuration to use in internal projects
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Melexis Customised Checkstyle Configuration

The standard checks are too strict for our taste and generate too much warnings we do not care about.

However we do like the rigor and consistency that a lot of the tests provide.

Maven Usage

Add the following to the main project POM (the PomPom) to enable checkstyle customisations for all modules in the project.



Customize the rules

In case you have no repo configured or you want to play with the rules:

  • clone the repo to a local project

To make edits :

  • edit file
  • mvn install

now you can run the rules in your configured projects.


Make sure the Checkstyle-IDEA plugin is installed.

Clone the git repo to a local directory.

Then :

File --> Settings --> Project Settings --> Checkstyle

You see the checkstyle settings with 2 tabs. Make sure the Configuration File tab is selected.

Click on Add.

Give the configuration a name, e.g. : Melexis CheckStyle Rules

For the configuration file point to the .../src/main/resources/checkstyle.xml file in the cloned repo.

Press Ok.

Make this configuration the active one by moving the checkmark to the Melexis configuration.

Eclipse and Netbeans

Please let me know when you figured it out.

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