A simple gem for using Backbone.js with Rails.
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Backbone on Rails

A simple gem for using Backbone.js with Rails.



  • Vendors the latest Backbone.js + Underscore.js in the asset pipeline

  • Provides an install generator to create a skeleton directory structure and manifest

  • Provides a scaffold generator to create files and boilerplate

  • Uses the naming conventions from thoughtbot's Backbone.js on Rails

  • Generates CoffeeScript (default) or JavaScript


gem 'backbone-on-rails'

bundle install

rails generate backbone:install

rails generate backbone:scaffold NAME

Note: Remember to restart the server after installing

See also:


Example output from backbone:scaffold planet

├── javascripts
│   ├── application.js
│   ├── space_app.js.coffee
│   ├── collections
│   │   └── planets.js.coffee
│   ├── models
│   │   └── planet.js.coffee
│   ├── routers
│   │   └── planets_router.js.coffee
│   └── views
│       └── planets
│           └── planets_index.js.coffee
└── templates
    └── planets
        └── index.jst.eco


# Custom manifest
rails generate backbone:install --manifest index.js

# Generate JavaScript
rails generate backbone:install --javascript

# Custom Appname
rails generate backbone:install --app=CustomApp

# Place code within a sub directory structure
rails generate backbone:install --dir=custom_app

# Remove generated files
rails destroy backbone:scaffold planet

# Create a custom app name
rails generate backbone:scaffold planet -a=CustomApp

# Generate scaffold in sub directory of assets/javascripts & assets/templates
rails generate backbone:scaffold planet -d=custom_app

# Use Handlebars File instead of JST
rails generate backbone:scaffold planet --template=hbs

# Use SHT instead of JST as template namespace
rails generate backbone:scaffold planet --template_namespace=SHT


For other features check out: