The example of building docker images for Perl6/Bailador applications using sparrowdo
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Build a docker image with the latest Bailador source code and running hello world application.


This is the project to build docker image with the latest source code of Bailador and simple test application. Docker file contains a few instructions, the main logic is hidden in the sparrowfile.

I use sparrowdo to build docker images.

The base image is alpine-perl6.


Checkout the project

$ git clone

Build image

$ docker build -t bailador .

Run application as docker container

$ docker run -d -p 3000:3000 bailador

Test application

This command should return hello world when running from host OS:

$ curl

Update bailador source code

If you need to check changes made by Bailador developers you don't have to build the docker image from the scratch. Instead use existed bailador image gets built previously:

  • Run the docker container based on current image
  • Apply bailador source code changes by executing sparrowdo scenario inside the container
  • Update docker image

And, finally run updated the application the same way as described in the section earlier.

use existed image and run container with bash session:

$ docker run -it -p 3000:3000 --entrypoint bash bailador

run sparrowdo scenario inside container to apply source code changes:

# get Bailador changes and apply them
$ sparrowdo --no_sudo --local_mode --sparrowfile=/tmp/sparrowfile

# to make it sure that the application runs on new code
$ perl /tmp/example.p6w 

# to stop the application
$ ^C 

commit changes

$ docker ps # to find out the image id

$ docker commit $image_id bailador # to commit changes made in container into bailador image

$ docker stop -t 1 $container_id # stop current docker container

run application

As described in the section above just say this:

$ docker run -d -p 3000:3000 bailador

test application

This command should return hello world when running from host OS:

$ curl

Project structure


Simple bailador application


Sparrowdo scenario to deploy Bailador

Default entrypoint

See also

alpine-perl6 - base docker image


Alexey Melezhik