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Jenkins plugin to build and create distributive of perl application
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build and create distributive of perl application


following packages should be installed:

exported builders

Build perl project

  • Builds and optionally create distributive for perl application
  • Build process consists of these steps:
    • cwd to source directory directory
    • if lookup last tag is set find 'tagged' directory with maximum version number and cwd to it
    • setup local::lib to workspace/cpanlib directory
    • runs "cpanmini -i ." to install everithing into workspace/cpanlib directory
  • Make distrubitive process consists of these steps:
    • cwd to source directory directory
    • copy workspace/cpanlib into current working directory
    • create cpan distributive ( Build.PL and Makefile.PL files are supported)
    • copy cpan distributive to distributive directory
    • doing cleanup (supplimental files are deleted)



  • enabled: enable/disable build step
  • source directrory: directory where build runs ( should have cpan compatible structure - have Makefile.PL or Build.PL file )
  • lookup last tag: whether to look up 'tagged' directory with maximum version number in source directory
  • create distributive: whether to create cpan distributive ( will be stored in distributive directory )
  • distributive directory path to directory where to store distributive

advanced options:

  • color output: enable/disable color output
  • verbose output: enable/disable verbose output
  • enable catalyst debug mode: run catalyst tests in debug mode


patches text-area

Patches are just stanzas in cpanminus client format, they are passed to cpanminus client as arguments. The reason you may want to use patches is to forcefully install some problematic cpan modules or install downgraded versions. Patches are the right way to do this. Once patches are applied you may comment them or prepend with --skip-satisfied flag. Check out for details.

Patches examples:

# any comments start with '#'
-f Math::Currency # forcefully installation
--skip-satisfied CGI DBI~1.2

Environment setup

You can set environment variables via "Jenkins/Configuration/Global properties/Environment variables" interface to adjust plugin behaviour.


Setup one if you have custom cpan mirror, for example private mini cpan server.



Standard way to do things when you behind http proxy server.



Setup your standard encoding.

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