type less css in your sbt projects
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less sbt

type less css in your sbt projects

LESS Scala

a friendly css companion for coffeescripted-sbt


less # compiles less source files
charset(for less) # character encoding used in file IO (defaults to utf-8)
mini(for less) # setting for compiled minification (false by default)
filter(for less) # filter for files included by the plugin
exclude-filter(for less) # filter for files ignored by the plugin
unmanaged-sources(for less) # lists resolved less sources
clean(for less) # deletes compiled css
config:source-directory(for less) # where less files will be resolved from
config:resource-managed(for less) # where compiled css will be copied to

install it

In your plugin definition add

addSbtPlugin("me.lessis" % "less-sbt" % "0.1.6")

And in your build file add


This will add less settings for the Compile and Test configurations.

To add it to other configurations, use


use it

Put your .less files under src/main/less and find the compiled css under path/to/resource_managed/main/css

customize it

using less's built-in css minification

To override the default mini setting, add following to your build definition after including the less settings.

(LessKeys.mini in (Compile, LessKeys.less)) := true

changing target css destination

To change the default location of compiled css files, add the following to your build definition

(resourceManaged in (Compile, LessKeys.less)) <<= (crossTarget in Compile)(_ / "your_preference" / "css")

working with @imports

Some less projects, like Twitter's Bootstrap project contain one main .less file which imports multiple .less files using the @import feature of less. To achieve the same kind of compilation with less-sbt, set the filter defined by less-sbt to the target of compilation.

(LessKeys.filter in (Compile, LessKeys.less)) := "your_main.less"

This will build a single your_main.css file which includes all of the @imported style definitions.

To see an example of compiling Bootstrap itself, check out the scripted test.

All available keys are exposed through the LessKeys module.


Have an issue? Tell me about it


I'll take them where they make sense. Please use a feature branch in your fork, i.e. git checkout -b my-cool-feature, and if possible, write a scripted test for it.

Doug Tangren (softprops) 2011-2012