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postgresql-netty - an async Netty/NIO based PostgreSQL driver written in Scala

The main goal of this project is to implement a performant and fully functional async PostgreSQL driver. This project has no interest in JDBC, it's supposed to be a clean room implementation for people interested in talking directly to PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL protocol information and definition can be found here

What can it do now?

  • connect to a database without authentication (it only connects if it gets an AuthenticationOk message)
  • receive parameters
  • receive database notices
  • execute direct queries (without portals/prepared statements)
  • parses all basic PostgreSQL types, other types are parsed as string
  • date, time and timestamp types are handled as JodaTime objects and not as java.util.Date objects

What is missing?

  • portals/prepared statements
  • stored procedures
  • authentication mechanisms
  • benchmarks and more testing

What are the design goals?

  • fast, fast and faster
  • small memory footprint
  • avoid copying data as much as possible (we're always trying to use wrap and slice on buffers)
  • easy to use, call a method, get a future or a callback and be happy
  • never, ever, block (the only real blocking right now is at the connection pool)
  • all features covered by tests

How can I help?

  • checkout the source code
  • find bugs, find places where performance can be improved
  • check the What is missing piece
  • send a pull request with specs

This project is freely available under the MIT licence, use it at your own risk.