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1 parent 0e6d8a9 commit 0436a89a15506adabfb5dc06649b4ff33978d34f Marko Elezović committed Mar 3, 2013
2 file/src/main/scala/scalax/file/Exceptions.scala
@@ -57,5 +57,5 @@ case class NotFileException(path:String) extends IOException with ControlThrowab
* @since 1.0
case class NotDirectoryException(path:String) extends IOException with ControlThrowable{
- override lazy val toString = path + "is not a directory"
+ override lazy val toString = path + " is not a directory"
2 file/src/main/scala/scalax/file/FileSystem.scala
@@ -276,7 +276,7 @@ abstract class FileSystem {
"\nIf you want to create a Path from a system dependent string then use fromString. " +
"If you want to create a child path use resolve instead of / to create the child path. " +
"It should be noted that the string after '/' must be a single segment but resolve accepts " +
- "full strings. Examples: \n\tPath.fromString(\"c: \\a\\b\")\n\tpath / (\"a/b/c\", '/')\n\tpath resolve \"a\\b\\c\""
+ "full strings. Examples: \n\tPath.fromString(\"c:\\a\\b\")\n\tpath / (\"a/b/c\", '/')\n\tpath resolve \"a\\b\\c\""
throw new IllegalArgumentException(msg.format(sep , segment))
case CommonSeparator(sep) => {
logger.warning(sep + " should not be used as a character in a path segment because it is a commonly used path separator on many filesystems. Segment in question: "+segment)

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