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Releases: melff/memisc

12 May 21:14
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This version was published on CRAN on 10 Mar 2023.

04 Oct 14:35
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This is a new release soon to appear on CRAN.

08 Oct 19:53
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This release has been submitted to CRAN on 2021-10-08


  • 'unclass' "item.vector" objects in as.character() to
    avoid infinite recursion and stack overflow (as suggested by Kurt Hornik)


  • Improved handling of labels in recode()
  • Corrected counting of cases in SPSS fixed format files


  • Enable recoding from factor (or character) to numeric


  • Fixed handling of missing values in Means()
  • Handle cbind() in Means() nicely

24 May 21:21
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Fix the way encoding information in SPSS is handled.

14 Feb 22:31
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  • subset() is not S3-generic - this improves some tricks that rely on lazy evaluation of function arguments
  • A new reversed() function allows to get a copy of a factor or a survey item object with levels or, respectively, codes in reverse order.
  • If recode() permutes existing codes, the value labels are applied appropriately.

20 Jan 21:07
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  • Remove redundant "" method and setOldClass() call for "tbl_df"


  • Make copying of labels while recoding work again.
  • Make recode() warn about NAs being created.
  • Add a new optional '.default' and '.complete' arguments to cases().


  • Added functions reorder_codes() and trim_labels().

15 Dec 20:24
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  • Fixes creation of codebooks for character vectors.

05 Dec 21:52
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This release corresponds to the one on CRAN.
Changes since last release are:

  • Fixed error caused by a change in 'getS3method()' introduced by R r79435:
    'getS3method()' now enforces a the hitherto undocumented restriction that
    the 'cls' argument must have length 1.
  • Added 'title' metadata to Rmarkdown vignettes.

04 Nov 12:48
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Includes some last-day fixes. Now published on CRAN.

01 Nov 20:47
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  • Fix as.item() methods for "haven_labelled" objects etc.
  • Variance component estimates of "merMod" and "clmm" objects are reported as distinct statistics.
  • codebook() better handles character variables in SPSS system files.
  • spss.system.file() uses information in the file about the intended measurement level of the variables, however, this is optional and can be switched off.
  • Added new option fold.leaders= to toLatex() method for "ftable" objects
  • Added support for compressing output regarding control variables in mtable().