Automates new project creation and plugin installation for Symfony
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# Symfony and Plugins Installation Script  (for symfony 1.2) #

The `Symfony and Plugins Installation Script` is a bash script to ease the creation of new
projects and the installation of plugins.

It always installs Symfony with Doctrine Plugin and removes Propel. All other plugins are optional.
It will also create two applications as defined in config file.
It will also create a name based virtual host in Apache and the corresponding entry in /etc/hosts.
Some plugins require other packages to be installed and the script will install it using aptitude.

## USAGE ##

1. Change (cd) to the directory you want to start your new project
    $ mkdir my_new_project
    $ cd !$

2. Execute from that directory with the required parameters
    $ /path/to/

This will result in the following message:

usage: /path/to/ OPTION...

This script attempts to install Symfony according to pre-configured settings and with sfDoctrinePlugin.

    -h, --help           Show this message
    -c, --config-file    Specify config file to use
    -l, --language       Specify optional language support (Using MySQL i18n)
    -i, --install-plugin Specify optional plugins to install. Currently supported plugins are:
        * sfDoctrineGuardPlugin : sfGuard for doctrine...
        * sfDoctrineGuardExtraPlugin : Add forgot password and register functionality to sfGuard
        * sfAdminDashPlugin : Adds Joomla! style admin dashboard interface
        * csDoctrineActAsSortablePlugin : Adds Sortable behaviour
        * sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin : Adds tag behaviour
        * csDoctrineActAsCategorizablePlugin : Permits to assign nested categories do doctrine models
        * sfDoctrineActAsRattablePlugin : This plugin permits to attach rates to Doctrine objects
        * sfEventCalendarPlugin : Wrapper around data_calc pear class to manage event calendars
        * sfJqueryReloadedPlugin : Adds easy jquery
        * pkContextCMSPlugin : Fully working CMS with in place editing
        * pkToolkitPlugin : is a collection of useful classes implementing common routines and algorithms we otherwise find ourselves reinventing in nearly every application.
        * pkPersistentFileUploadPlugin : File uploads that persist automatically through multiple validation passes.
        * pkImageConverterPlugin : Easy, efficient image conversion using the netpbm utilities.
        * sfLanguageSwitchPlugin: A component to include a simple language switcher.
        * [Under Development] csSEOToolkitPlugin : Provides several tools to optimize websites for search engines
        * [Under Development] sfLinkCrossAppPlugin : Resolve link cross application in Symfony
        * [Under Development] SomeMinifyPlugin :
        * [Under Development] sfDoctrineApplyPlugin :

3. Edit new_project.config file to ajust your needs
4. Execute the script passing it the config file
    $ /path/to/ -c /path/to/new_project.config

For every plugin you want to install use the -i or --install-plugin.
    $ /path/to/ -c /path/to/new_project.config -i sfAdminDashPlugin -i csDoctrineActAsSortablePlugin -i sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin -i csDoctrineActAsCategorizablePlugin -i pkContextCMSPlugin -l es -l fr

The line above will create a new symfony project with the following plugins:
 * sfAdminDashPlugin
 * csDoctrineActAsSortablePlugin
 * sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin
 * csDoctrineActAsCategorizablePlugin
 * pkContextCMSPlugin

And will configure symfony to use i18n (MySQL) with two languages: es (spanish) and fr (french).
The base language is ALWAYS english.

The other script, install_plugin is still in its very early stages and need a bit of work.

### Requirements ###

* Debian/Ubuntu with sudo
* PHP 5.2.*
* Apache
* Symfony 1.2