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BlowYourFaceOff is a silly party game you can play with your friends. A live version of this game is currently public at

How to play the game

Imagine that you and at least five of your friends are sitting around in a circle, each of you with a stack of little pieces of paper. When the game starts, each of you writes a word, phrase, or sentence on the first piece of paper. It can be anything. When everyone is done, each of you passes your stack to the person sitting next to you, so now everyone receives a stack with the thing the previous person wrote. Everyone reads the word, phrase, or sentence, puts that piece of paper on the bottom of the stack, and then draws a picture on the next piece of paper to illustrate the word, phrase or sentence. When everyone is done, you again pass your stacks to the next person. Everyone now having received a picture, you put the picture on the bottom of the stack, and on the next piece of paper, you write a description of the picture. And so on. The stacks travel around the circle, alternating between writing and drawing, until the stacks make their way back to the person who originated them. Then, you each examine your stack and enjoy how the opening word, phrase, or sentence morphs into something different and generally hilarious. Much giggling ensues.

The BlowYourFaceOff web app makes it possible to play this game online. It tracks the stacks for you and makes it easy to look at the results of your stack and everyone else's. Best of all, you can play this from the comfort of home with your friends, even if they are far away.

Here's what to do if you want to play:

  1. The game works best when you have at least six players. Gather your friends and jump on a video call or whatever.
  2. One person should act as the game host. This person starts the game, optionally sets a time limit for each round, and shares the auto-generated game code with the other players.
  3. The other players join the game using the game code shared by the host.
  4. .When all players have joined, the host starts the game.
  5. All players alternate between writing and drawing until all rounds are complete (when each player has contributed to each stack as the stacks make their way around the virtual circle.).
  6. When all rounds are complete, the game will display the full stack to each player. Players typically present their stacks to each other and laugh together about the results.
  7. Players can view the other players' stacks by clicking the links with the players' names at the top of the results page.

About the code

The web app is written in PHP and Javascript and uses a MySQL database with lots of fun triggers and stuff to store the game data.

The web app was written by Jacob Griffin, Sarah Griffin, and Melinda Morang.


Fork the code and have fun. You will likely not be able to run the code without a MySQL database with the correct schema and triggers. Contact us if you are so into this project that you really need that.


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