Program javascript showing how constellations are in 3D.
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This project is about constellations. how are they in 3D.

This project is only javascript static file using babylonjs and wikipedia and hygdata (

More informations on

To see the result : github pages ->


User Manuel



The Constellation Button

All constellations are under this button. The filter can help you to find a specific one. Once click, the camera will automatically target on it.

Remark that the camera only turn on itself to find the constellation. It will not put the camera on 0,0,0 (sun place).

Go Home

The Go Home Button

Are you lost ? This button put the camera back at sun place

Show All Stars

The Show All Button

Toggle between only constellation stars and All stars from HYG database. If only the current constellation is showed, only stars of the constellation will be activated.

WARNING : In data base, there are more than 120000 stars meaning you should have a good computer one if you activate that. (My, a lenovo yoga 2, cannot do it).

Show Current Constellation

The Show Current Button

Toggle between only one constellation and all.

Free Camera

The Free Camera Button

There are 2 tape of camera:

  • One is the Free camera. Controling with UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT button and the mouse. (like in a FPS)
  • The other is an Arc Rotate Camera. This camera turn around a point between the constellation and the sun.

Auto Rotation

The AutoRotation button

If the Rotate camera is activate, this button start to turn automaticly around a point. This point is the middle distance between stars and sun. The sun is always represented (see below).


  • The tab key allow you to go to the next constellation.
  • The shift key allow you to go to the last constellation.