Common Lisp machine learning library.
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1 mgl ASDF System Details

  • Version: 0.1.0
  • Description: MGL is a machine learning library for backpropagation neural networks, boltzmann machines, gaussian processes and more.
  • Licence: MIT, see COPYING.
  • Author: Gábor Melis
  • Mailto:
  • Homepage:

2 Overview

MGL is a Common Lisp machine learning library by Gábor Melis with some parts originally contributed by Ravenpack International. It mainly concentrates on various forms of neural networks (boltzmann machines, feed-forward and recurrent backprop nets). Most of MGL is built on top of MGL-MAT so it has BLAS and CUDA support.

In general, the focus is on power and performance not on ease of use. Perhaps one day there will be a cookie cutter interface with restricted functionality if a reasonable compromise is found between power and utility.

3 Links

Here is the official repository and the HTML documentation for the latest version.

4 Documentation

Documentation for this version is available in markdown format in MGL Manual. HTML documentation is generated for the latest version.

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