Pocket Chip's Challenge is a freeware port of Microsoft's Chip's Challenge for the Pocket PC
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Pocket Chip's Challenge Public Alpha

Pocket Chip's Challenge is a freeware port of Microsoft's Chip's Challenge for the PocketPC. Now people can play a classic favorite wherever they go. Chip's Challenge is a very addictive puzzle game featuring Chip in a maze of traps and monsters. This is a fully playable version and will start at level 1. Being an alpha release, not all features have been implemented. The only items on the title screen that work, are the "Play Game" and "Exit" options. There is no sound implemented yet. Unfortunately, if you get stuck, you will either need to let time run out, or exit the game and start from the beginning.


Chip is willing to do anything for Melinda the Mental Marvel, more than anything, because he wants to join Melinda's exclusive computer club, the Bit Busters. Finally Melinda has offered him membership, but on one condition! Chip must find his way from one end of Melinda's magical clubhouse to the other, picking up cosmic computer chips along the way. If that sounds easy, then you've never been to Melinda's magical clubhouse. It's awesome inside, but tricky, and a little scary too. There are teleports, invisible walls, force floors, water traps, locked doors, and plenty of monsters. There's magic, mystery, and behind the scenes there is Melinda, keeping score on your progress and providing helpful hints. As you succeed in helping Chip move through each level of the clubhouse, Melinda gives you a secret password that allows you to return. And Melinda rewards perseverance. If she thinks Chip has tried long enough and hard enough on a level, she'll let him sneak through to the next level. But it takes a lot of perseverance to impress her. How big is the clubhouse? 144 levels is the rumor. But some claim that Melinda is still building. In any case, it defies dimensions so don't get lost.

The Data File

Pocket Chip's Challenge is freeware, and thus does not come with the CHIPS.DAT file that contains the original level set. That file, which is copyrighted and cannot be freely distributed, was originally distributed by Microsoft with the PC version of "Chip's Challenge". If you have a copy of this version of the game, you can use that file to play the original levels in Pocket Chip's Challenge. If you don't own the game, CHIPS.DAT files can be obtained a couple different ways:

You can go to The Chip's challenge Page and scroll down to the "Getting the game" section. http://www.telusplanet.net/public/nfield/ChipChallenge/chip.htm

You can go to chips_challenge Yahoo Group and download additional level sets, which must be renamed to CHIPS.DAT. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/chips_challenge

There is one level set that deserves special mention. That is CCLP2.dat, or "Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2". This set was assembled by the fans, who voted on all of the user-created levels that existed at the time. The levels that were voted as being the most fun were then all put together to become CCLP2. It is the closest thing we have to a sequel for the original game. Be careful: CCLP2 is much harder than the original!

Installation Instructions

The 4 files required to get the game working are:

  • Chips.exe
  • Chips.dat
  • GD104.dll
  • gx.dll

You will need to have GAPI 1.2 installed to run the game, which can be obtained at https://gapi.en.softonic.com/pocketpc. Place the CHIPS.DAT file in the same directory as Chips.exe. The DLLs can either be placed in the windows folder, or in the same folder as Chips.exe.

Creating New Level Sets

If you yourself would like to create new level sets, then get a level editor such as ChipEdit or CCTools, if you haven't already. This Windows program will permit you to create new level sets of your own design. ChipEdit comes with excellent documentation, and you should have little trouble learning how to use it.


Copyright for Pocket Chips Challenge is held by Melissa LeBlanc-Williams, 2003-2017. See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).


This is an Alpha release, and the developers are not responsible for anything that might or does happen as a result of downloading installing, or using this program.


Pocket Chip's Challenge is heavily based on souce code available for Tile World. http://www.muppetlabs.com/~breadbox/software/tworld/

Most Graphic Operations are done using GapiDraw 1.04. http://www.gapidraw.com