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Starter Package for new WordPress projects with:


  • In this directory there is a must-use-plugin titled Starter Theme Functionality. This plugin contains useful functions that are project-related rather than theme-related.
  • Must Use Plugins are executed (ie. activated automatically) before any other plugins, and cannot be disabled by the user. This is a great way to store important functionality for a WordPress project, and ensure it won't be accidentally deactivated or removed.
  • Functions in the plugin: removal of the default link to attachment file on images, removal of the <p> tag around images, setup of custom editor styles, customization of the excerpt
  • Resources:



Useful plugins that I use while developing a new WordPress project.

  1. Admin Post Navigation Akismet
  • Codepress Admin Columns
  • Theme Check
  • What Template Am I Using
  • WordPress SEO

Project Setup

  • Gulp is setup for uglifying JavaScript and compiling SASS
  • Download the repository and type npm install (or sudo npm install) to install the necessary Gulp packages
  • Want to change the name to reflect your project? Do a search and replace in your editor for:
    • starter-theme
    • Starter_Theme
    • Starter Theme