Basic support for remote syslog in EM.
Latest commit 06c0f7a Aug 31, 2009 @melito I take back the last commit. Someone was blaming this lib for problem…
…s in their app and after I brief convo I assumed they were right. After stepping through the problem with them confirmed this wasn't the case. Still doesn't mean I don't need to improve things though :)


Simple syslog integration into EventMachine at the class level.

Still needs work and testing.

To install:

  git clone git://

  sudo gem install melito-em-syslog -s
  require 'em/syslog'

  # Setup syslog
  EM.syslog_setup('', 514)
  # Send commands
	EM.emergency('system is unusable')
  EM.alert('action must be taken immediately')
  EM.critical('critical conditions')
  EM.error('error conditions')
  EM.warning('warning conditions')
  EM.notice('normal but significant conditions')
  EM.informational('informational messages')'informational messages (short name for the previous)')
  EM.debug('debug-level messages')

  kqueue doesn't seem to work. (Haven't tested epoll)

   Take some of the server examples and insert.
   Make sure blocking is minimal/non-existant 
   Add support for syslog-ng
     Add support for TCP (syslog-ng)
     Add support for TLS (syslog-ng)
   Clean up API
   Just improve everything.

   Was creating a new datagram socket everytime a packet was sent out.  Only use one now.