Sinatra front end for the homebrew package management system
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If you watch, please read:

Anyone want to make a MacRuby version of this (w/ a Cocoa Interface?)
@flangy suggested a ncurses version.

homebrew is a pretty awesome command line client.
I had my doubts at first, but I have come to realize that it is far and away 
the best package manager for OSX I have used.

Not everyone is comfortable with the command line though :(

I'm friendly.  This doesn't involve money.  
Let's just make something that makes other people's lives easier. 

Msg me on github or follow me on twitter - @melgray


This started off as an attempt of creating a small website for homebrew for people to search for available packages.

I kinda hacked together a really janky web front end for the package manager.

Since homebrew is git based, it has the potential for being a really cool distributed package manager.


  Rubygems (1.3.5+)

  TokyoCabinet Ruby Bindings (1.2.9) []

If you have bundler, you only have to worry about having TokyoCabinet.

To get started quickly, install homebrew and then:

  git clone git://
  gem bundle
	rake bootstrap
Running `rake bootstrap` will do the following:

  Get a list of all homebrew network members
  Add each of those remembers as a remote in your homebrew install
  Fetch (non-destructive) each of those remotes
  Index all of the remotes blobs & branches in a tokyocabinet bdb

Once you've been 'bootstrapped' just run: 

  ruby app.rb && open

  Then just start typing a package name in the 'Search' box and a list of results should come up.

The interface is very minimal and not nice atm.  
Design contributions / ideas / criticism is welcome. 

If you find this useful or like the idea of this, please contribute.

Current rake options
~/workspace/homebrew-web/ rake -T
(in /Users/melgray/workspace/homebrew-web)
rake bootstrap                   # Use this to setup everything up and get going
rake db:build                    # Builds a TokyoCabinet BDB database to help search the git repo faster
rake homebrew:location           # Prints location where homebrew is installed
rake network:ls                  # Prints out all members in the homebrew network
rake network:remotes:add[user]   # Add a user from the network as a remote (ex: rake network:remotes:add[mxcl])
rake network:remotes:add_all     # Add all users from network as remotes and fetch (non-destructive)
rake network:remotes:fetch       # Fetches (non-destructive) from all your remotes.
rake network:remotes:ls          # List all remotes for your homebrew installation
rake network:remotes:remove_all  # Remove all remotes (except origin) from your homebrew install