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shiny app for graphing behavioral performance
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This repository is part of the starboard/decide project, which is a set of hardware and software for running behavioral experiments. This component is a shiny app that consumes trial data from django-decide-host to generate useful plots for tracking a subject's progress in training or testing.

This code is heavily customized for the Meliza Lab and for a specific experiment, but could serve as a useful starting point for your own analyses.

Quick start

Install dependencies

install.packages(c("shiny", "tidyverse", "jsonlite", "httr", "ggplot2", "gtools"))

Run the app


This should open up a browser tab pointing to the server.

Deploying as a Docker container

docker run --name=shiny_app --rm -p 3838:3838 --user shiny -v `pwd`:/srv/shiny-server/ dmeliza/decide-shiny

Navigate to http://localhost:3838/appdir/track_oddball/

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