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Conditions is some kind of low-level condition-based event-handler suitable for different kind of uses. Typical use is error handling. it’s ported from LISP’s Condition System:

THIS IS HIGHLY ALPHA! DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION! (but syntax is most likely not going to change)

For more information, read covering blog posts on:


It’s currently extending the Object class. Why? Kinda easy. I don’t want to write Conditions::handle (etc).

The Object class is patched as soon as Conditions are required. I’m lookin into actually check before patching if there are other methods already in the Object class and probably not allow patching then. But that’s for the future, it’s alpha, right?

I’d like to patch and / or help maintain Conditions. How can I?

Are you sure? Ok, feel free to …

Copyright © 2011 André Gawron. See LICENSE for details.