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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use FindBin;
use File::Spec::Functions qw/catfile catdir/;
use File::Copy qw/copy/;
use Cwd;
chdir $FindBin::Bin or die;
my $basedir = getcwd();
my $wwwdir = catdir($basedir, "public_html");
my $gitdir = catdir($basedir, "git");
mkdir $wwwdir unless -d $wwwdir;
mkdir $gitdir unless -d $gitdir;
my ($spec, @wget_args) = @ARGV;
die <<"HELP" unless $spec;
Usage: $0 host:site_id [ optional wget arguments ]
E.g. $0 --username User --password Password
The host is the hostname without any protocol (HTTPS is always used).
The site_id is the code used to fetch the git archive (optional).
mirror_site(split(/:/, $spec));
sub mirror_site {
my ($sitename, $git) = @_;
chdir $basedir or die;
my $site = "https://$sitename";
chdir $wwwdir or die;
mkdir $sitename unless -d $sitename;
my $listing = catfile($sitename, 'mirror.ts.txt');
my $log = catfile($sitename, 'mirror.log');
unlink $log if -f $log;
system(wget => '-x', '-o', $log, "$site/mirror.ts.txt", @wget_args)
and warn "Failed to download $site/mirror.ts.txt, see $log for the details\n";
unless (-f $listing) {
warn "Couldn't retrieve $listing, skipping $sitename\n";
my $urls = catfile($sitename, '');
open (my $out, '>', $urls) or die "$!";
open (my $fh, '<', $listing) or die "$!";
while (my $line = <$fh>) {
chomp $line;
my ($file, $ts) = split(/\#/, $line);
if ($file && $ts) {
my $target = catfile($sitename, mirror => $file);
if (-f $target) {
if ((stat($target))[9] != $ts) {
my $fetch = "$site/mirror/$file\n";
print $out $fetch;
unlink $target;
else {
print $out "$site/mirror/$file\n";
close $fh;
close $out;
if (-f $urls and -s $urls) {
open (my $lst, '<', $urls) or die;
print <$lst>;
close $lst;
system(wget => '-a', $log, '-x', '-N', '-i', $urls, @wget_args)
and warn "Errors downloading $urls, check $log";
copy(catfile($sitename, mirror => 'titles.html'),
catfile($sitename, mirror => 'index.html'))
or warn "Cannot copy titles.html into index.html, $!";
chdir $gitdir or die;
if ($git) {
if (-d "$git") {
chdir $git;
system(git => pull => '--quiet') and warn "Couldn't pull $git";
chdir $basedir or die;
else {
system(git => clone => "git://$sitename/git/$git.git") and warn "Couldn't clone $git";