An experimental Perl-based deployment tool
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Magda is a Perl-based experimental deployment tool.

I'm just exploring some ideas, most likelly I'll find a tool that already does what I want, but sometimes writting at least parts of the system I want allows me to clarify my requirements.


The system must:

  • allow for live deployments and restart without downtime;
  • rollback without downtime;
  • database schema upgrades;
  • manage multiple projects simultaneously;
  • multi-server;
  • test-driven pre-deployment validation;
  • manage dependencies with cpanm or preferably Cartoon.

Some notes about my environment

I don't have a big network with thousands of servers. Its a very small shop, but because its a small shop, the deployment must be as automatic as possible.

I have multiple projects running on the same servers. My production servers don't use any type of virtualization, instead I use different user id's per project.

All services of a single project run under that user_id, and all resources for each project is located inside the home directory of the user.

I use mainly Perl, and each project has his own perlbrew-manager perl setup. Each project used to have all his deps installed directly into the perlbrew-manager perl site_perl, but given that we want to have multiple instances of the same app running, I'm moving to per-instance local::lib-based setups.

My supervisor is daemontools. The user can control his own daemons.

All projects share a frontend proxy, nginx powered.