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How-to add a new Subversion repository

What you need:

  • the Subversion URL: this is not the trunk url, but the base URL.
  • Authors names and emails

This instructions assume a setup where you create a new account, gitmirrors, just to run this software. All files will be owned by this account, all services will run under this account, and the work directory is also inside this account.

The recommended setup is:

  • place this software under ~gitmirrors/release;
  • add ~gitmirrors/release/bin to the account PATH.

Setting up a new svn-to-git mirror

Set the svnrepo variable to the SVN repo URL (the base URL):

export svnrepo

We will reuse this variable on the following commands.

Step 1: prepare the git repo


mkdir -p ~/repos/.NAME-OF-REPO/workdir
cd ~/repos/.NAME-OF-REPO/workdir
git init

Note: the .NAME_OF_REPO is used to make the update script ignore this repo while we finish the setup.

Step 2: create the initial authors file

Use the script gm-create-authors-file to create the initial authors file

gm-create-authors-file $svnrepo > authors.lst

Edit the authors file to add the email address of each author. Separate the svn user and the email address with whitespace (spaces or tabs).

# original line

# becomes
melo = Pedro Melo <>

Add the authors file to the git configuration:

git config --add svn.authorsfile `pwd`/../authors.lst

Step 3: init and fetch the svn repository once


git svn init -s --prefix=svn/ $svnrepo
git svn fetch
git repack -d -a

Step 4: configure the git remote repo and push initial version

Use the instructions provided by github or your own repository hosting site. For example:

  git remote add origin
  git config --add remote.origin.mirror true
  git push

If you need to use a different SSH key, add the id_dsa key to the ~/repo/NAME/ directory and then create a new host in ~/.ssh/config like this:

    IdentityFile ~/repos/perl-libnet/id_dsa

Then adjust the git remote command above to something like this:

  git remote add origin

Thats it!

Automatic updates

Every hour at 11 minutes past, the gm-update-mirrors runs, and for all repos in ~/repos the git-svn command will be used to update the local repo, and then we push it to the remote origin.

The crontab entry looks like this:

11 * * * * /home/gitmirrors/release/bin/gm-update-mirror /home/gitmirrors/repos