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Hello world!

We are working on a way to figure out how many men vs. how many women are quoted in any given article.

Here are the steps we've brainstormed:

  1. Get all names from a given article
  2. Check to see whether these names are in article.
  3. predict gender related to name w/API (
  4. Use Freebase to determine gender of people like rappers (
  5. Highlight all known names from database in article
  6. Allow user to un-highlight a name if it is not a person being quoted
  7. Names that are already in database are marked as male / female if known
  8. Ask users to highlight additional names that have not been highlighted
  9. Ask users whether those names are male or female
  10. Add those names to database
  11. Have users press button "I'm done."
  12. Tell % or scores for the article
  13. Ask is this accurate?

How to Chrome Extension:


Go to chrome://extensions/ Click load unpacked extension