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What does it mean to be a member of a public radio station in the United States? What could it mean? How could expanding the definition of membership instill a sense of ownership and identity among listeners, allowing them to feel more connected and invested in public media’s content, work and mission?

These are the questions I will be investigating during my Visiting Nieman Fellowship. I am planning to use the time to create the framework for a new model of membership within public media that would complement already-existing forms of membership by offering membership to people who donate a skill, code, or their time to their local stations. I suspect this will inculcate a sense of identity and ownership amongst listeners, allowing them to feel more invested in public radio's content, work, and mission.

I'm planning to conduct the fellowship as a series of two-week-long sprints. I'm structuring the fellowship this way, in part, so that I can talk to people across public media (and across other industries) to inform what I build or create, and so I can hold myself accountable as the fellowship progresses. I also plan to make all of my research public.

All of my research will be published on this site.

Melody Kramer

This should be considered a work in progress. We welcome pull requests and discussion via github issues.

Mechanics of Contributing

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External Contributions

If you contribute the open source work of others, please mark it clearly in your pull request.