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MixCloud RSS Converter

Use or try the MixCloud to RSS converter here (and subscribe the feeds too if you want).

While it used to, MixCloud unfortunately doesn't offer RSS feeds anymore. So I decided to add them back.

MixCloud has an API that gives a stream of recent uploads, so I used this to get an embedded music player for each post via their oEmbed API.

You can see the code in action here (feel free to use the feeds too), and there's a sample WordPress page here that syndicates feeds from a number of MixCloud (and SoundCloud) accounts.

I really am standing on the shoulders of giants here as this required almost no code on my part (maybe 300 lines) thanks to the MixCloud API, the node-oembed and node-rss modules from Stephan Maka and Dylan Greene, and of course Express, Jade and Node.js.

If you want to read a more verbose version of this introduction (though I don't think there's much extra insight), you can do that here.


Please rename /config/app-sample.json to app.json.

  • mode - production loads minimized files and includes Analytics, while development doesn't.
  • localPort - The local port to use.
  • url - Public URL for the site.
  • title - Name of the site. Used in the browser title bar and elsewhere.
  • author - Not really used, actually. Just appears in the meta header.
  • description - Meta description content.
  • rssDescription - Short description of the feed. %user will be swapped for the current account's name.
  • cloudcastStreamUrl - MixCloud API URL for getting profiles.
  • cloudCastOembedUrl - MixCloud API URL for getting Cloudcasts.
  • jQueryCdnUrl - Yup. Only used in production mode.
  • gaAccount - Your Google Analytics UA number.
  • gaDomain - Your Analytics domain.


	"mode": "development",
	"localPort": 3000,
	"url": "http://bits.meloncholy.com/mixcloud-rss/",
	"title": "MixCloud to RSS converter",
	"author": "Andrew Weeks",
	"description": "Get an RSS feed for your (or anyone else's) Mixcloud mixes and podcasts.",
	"rssDescription": "Visit %user's profile on MixCloud. Listen to their recent and most popular Cloudcasts. It's free and really easy to use. MixCloud to RSS thingy hacked together by Andrew Weeks. http://meloncholy.com",
	"cloudcastStreamUrl": "http://api.mixcloud.com/%user/cloudcasts/",
	"cloudcastOembedUrl": "http://www.mixcloud.com/oembed/?url=http%3A//www.mixcloud.com%cloudcast&format=json",
	"jQueryCdnUrl": "https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js",
	"gaAccount": "UA-XXXXXXXX-X",
	"gaDomain": "meloncholy.com"


In case NPM doesn't help you out for some reason, you'll also need

Legal fun

Copyright © 2012 Andrew Weeks http://meloncholy.com

MixCloud RSS Converter is licensed under the MIT licence.


I have a website and a Twitter. Please come and say hi if you'd like or if something's not working; be lovely to hear from you.