A little library to access your MediaTemple server's stats.
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(mt) Stats

(mt) Stats is a specialised proxy server that gets your server's statistics from MediaTemple's API servers. It was designed to be used with the (mt) Stats Viewer front end, but it may even be useful elsewhere too.

If you want to read more about how it works and some potential problems, there's a surprisingly (surprising to me, at least) long post here.

Setting up (mt) Stats

  • Get an API key for your MediaTemple server. You'll also need your service ID later, which you can get by visiting https://api.mediatemple.net/api/v1/services/ids.json?apikey=XXXXX (I only have one service ID as I have one server, but apparently you could see more.)

  • Rename the config file node_modules/mt-stats/config/mt-stats-sample.json to mt-stats.json and change the service ID and API key to match your server and key.

Using (mt) Stats with your app

Here's a quick example of using (mt) Stats with Express.

var app = require("express").createServer();
var mtStats = require("mt-stats");

app.get("/api/:range?", mtStats);


(mt) Stats will respond differently depending on the range passed to it as part of the path.

  • No range - Server stats for current time
  • Range is one of 5min, 15min, 30min, 1hour, 1day, 1week, 1month, 3month, 1year - Server stats for that past period will be returned, using the MediaTemple API server's default resolution for that period
  • Range is [0-9]+ - Server stats for the past number of seconds will be returned, using the resolution in the settings file (probably; see below)
  • Range is [0-9]+-[0-9]+ - Server stats covering the range from the first number (time since Linux epoch in seconds) to the second number will be returned, using the resolution in the settings file


Please rename mt-stats-sample.json to mt-stats.json.

  • serviceId - Your server's service ID
  • apiKey - Your MediaTemple API key
  • mode - Doesn't do anything here, but its presence gives me a warm, comforting glow
  • rootPath - The root URL path for all API calls
  • interval - Server polling interval for client. MediaTemple's stats update every 15s
  • ranges - For each range, the resolution at which to request data from the API (e.g. every 15 seconds) and the maximum span (step) to request in one go (to stop the API server objecting). Range is the maximum timespan at which to use that resolution and step
  • metrics - Metrics supplied by the API. apiKey is the key name in JSON objects and niceName is the name to use on the graphs
  • definedRanges - MediaTemple also supports some default intervals that can be requested with these URLs, e.g. this URL will serve up the last 5 minutes' data
  • currentUrl - API server URL from which to get the current stats. %SERVICEID and %APIKEY are replaced with your service ID and API key
  • historyUrl - API server URL to request stats going back for the past X seconds, e.g. this URL will also give the past 5 minutes' data
  • rangeUrl - API server URL to get stats covering a specified time range
	"serviceId": 000000,
	"apiKey": "XXXXXXXX",
	"mode": "production",
	"rootPath": "/api/",
	"interval": 15000,
	"ranges": [
		{ "range": 3600, "resolution": 15, "step": 3600 },
		{ "range": 43200, "resolution": 120, "step": 28800 },
		{ "range": 86400, "resolution": 240, "step": 57600 },
		{ "range": 604800, "resolution": 1800, "step": 432000 }
	"metrics": [
		{ "apiKey": "cpu", "niceName": "CPU %" },
		{ "apiKey": "memory", "niceName": "Memory %" },
		{ "apiKey": "load1Min", "niceName": "Load 1 min" },
		{ "apiKey": "load5Min", "niceName": "Load 5 min" },
		{ "apiKey": "load15Min", "niceName": "Load 15 min" },
		{ "apiKey": "processes", "niceName": "Processes" },
		{ "apiKey": "diskSpace", "niceName": "Disk space" },
		{ "apiKey": "kbytesIn", "niceName": "kb in / sec" },
		{ "apiKey": "kbytesOut", "niceName": "kb out / sec" },
		{ "apiKey": "packetsIn", "niceName": "Packets in / sec" },
		{ "apiKey": "packetsOut", "niceName": "Packets out / sec" }
	"definedRanges": ["5min", "15min", "30min", "1hour", "1day", "1week", "1month", "3month", "1year"],
	"currentUrl": "https://api.mediatemple.net/api/v1/stats/%SERVICEID.json?apikey=%APIKEY",
	"historyUrl": "https://api.mediatemple.net/api/v1/stats/%SERVICEID/%RANGE.json?apikey=%APIKEY",
	"rangeUrl": "https://api.mediatemple.net/api/v1/stats/%SERVICEID.json?start=%START&end=%END&&resolution=%RESOLUTION&apikey=%APIKEY"

More on stats resolution

MediaTemple may or may not respect the stats resolution you request, e.g. there's a minimum resolution of 15s and a request for 2 hour intervals will be returned at a resolution of 60 minutes.

The API server will also only serve up a fairly small amount of data at a given resolution - smaller than I'd like, so the server divides up the client's range into several requests and combines them before returning. The interval at which to split a single request into multiple API queries is the step if this is less than the range for that range. So if you wanted a week's worth of data at 15 second intervals, you could add {"range": 604800, "resolution": 15, "step": 3600 } (but please don't as you'll hit the API server 168 times!). All numbers are seconds.

The metrics bit of the config file is currently set up to return up to a week's worth of data at once; it will return more, but at a resolution that would hammer the MediaTemple server rather, so please add some more ranges if you want to do that.


Legal fun

Copyright © 2012 Andrew Weeks http://meloncholy.com

(mt) Stats is licensed under the MIT licence.


I have a website and a Twitter. Please come and say hi if you'd like or if something's not working; be lovely to hear from you.