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Awesome SBT Plugins

List of awesome sbt plugins

Table of Contents


  1. sbt-idea - A simple-build-tool (sbt) plugin/processor for creating IntelliJ IDEA project files
  2. sbteclipse - Plugin for sbt to create Eclipse project definitions
  3. sbt-sublime - An sbt pluign for generating Sublime Text projects with library dependencies sources


  1. sbt-stats - An sbt plugin for source code statistics
  2. np - new sbt project generation made simple(r)
  3. sbt-properties - sbt plugin to read properties from a file and make them available as a map
  4. sbt-pack - A sbt plugin for creating distributable Scala packages.
  5. sbt-cross-building - Enable cross-building of sbt plugins
  6. sbt-dependency-graph - sbt plugin to create a dependency graph for your project
  7. sbt-buildinfo - I know this because build.sbt knows this.


  1. jacoco4sbt - JaCoCo Code Coverage plug-in for sbt.
  2. sbt-scoverage - sbt plugin for scoverage
  3. sbt-scalariform - sbt plugin adding support for source code formatting using Scalariform
  4. cpd4sbt - Integrating PMD's Copy/Paste Detector into SBT as a plug-in.
  5. scalastyle-sbt-plugin - scalastyle-sbt-plugin
  6. WartRemover - Flexible Scala code linting tool


  1. sbt-site - Site generation for SBT
  2. sbt-ghpages - git, site and ghpages support for XSBT projects.
  3. sbt-unidoc - sbt plugin to create a unified API document across projects
  4. sbt-man - Looks up scaladoc.
  5. sbt-mustache - SBT plugin for using in scala projects
  6. Soapbox - Static site generator as an SBT plugin


  1. sbt-release - A release plugin for sbt (>= 0.11.0)
  2. sbt-maven-plugin - A sbt plugin which reads project definitions from pom.xml
  3. sbt-assembly - Deploy fat JARs. Restart processes. (port of codahale/assembly-sbt)
  4. sbt-native-packager - The goal is to be able to bundle up Scala software built with SBT for native packaging systems, like deb, rpm, homebrew, msi.
  5. sbt-izpack - is a plugin for the Scala-based SBT build tool (version 0.10.x or better). IzPack is an open source tool that allows you to create flexible Java-based graphical and command-line installers. This plugin allows you to use IzPack directly from your SBT 0.10.x project.
  6. sbt-unique-version - emulates Maven's uniqueVersion snapshots
  7. sbt-docker - Create Docker images directly from sbt
  8. sbt-aether-deploy - Deploy SBT artifacts using Eclipse Aether
  9. sbt-git - A git plugin for SBT
  10. sbt-revolver - An SBT plugin for dangerously fast development turnaround in Scala
  11. sbt-onejar - Packages your project using One-JAR™
  12. sbt-start-script - SBT Plugin to create a "start" script to run the program


  1. sbt-plugins - SBT plugins for: Less CSS / JS compilation, Lift run modes, and more.
  2. less-sbt - type less css in your sbt projects
  3. sbt-web - This project provides the building blocks for web oriented sbt plugins
  4. sbt-js-engine - This plugin mainly provides support for the authoring of sbt plugins that require js-engine.
  5. xsbt-web-plugin - Build J2EE Web applications in Scala.


  1. android-plugin - An sbt plugin for Android development in Scala


  1. sbt-liquibase - liquibase plugin for sbt 0.11+ / 0.12
  2. sbt-lwm - (Light Weight Markup) is an SBT 0.11.x plugin that converts lightweight markup documents to HTML. It currently supports Textile and Markdown.


  1. sbt-growl - kinda growl notifier
  2. sbt-scalabuff - SBT plugin which generate case classes and support for serialization from Google Protocol Buffer definitions using ScalaBuff
  3. sbt-updates - SBT plugin that can check maven repositories for dependency updates
  4. sbt-prompt - An SBT plugin for making your SBT prompt more awesome
  5. ls-sbt - a card calalog for scala libraries
  6. sbt-cpp - Sbt plugin to allow native compilation of C and C++
  7. sbt-atmos - sbt plugin for running Typesafe Console in development
  8. ScalaKata - Interactive Playground / Literate Programming for Scala —